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RT @T_Ann_Rhymes @Metamucil I have gotten about 20 people hooked on the psyllium goodness. #GIHealth #HeartHealth #PsylliumCrusaiders-2 hours 51 min ago
To all of our psyllium crusaders out there (we know you exist), here’s some ammo to talk psyllium at the next picnic: day 2 hours ago
What a great time! RT @badgyalriirii Metamucil time.-1 day 10 hours ago
@daCahddle We don't recommend mixing Metamucil with alchohol, but here's a list of great mixers:!-1 day 10 hours ago
@slimshealth High fiber is part of a healthy diet & lifestyle, but Metamucil isn't indicated for weight loss, and not recommended for it.-1 day 10 hours ago